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Wage And Hour: Overtime, Misclassification And Individual And Class Actions

Federal and state wage and hour laws require that covered non-exempt employees receive at least the minimum wage and at least one and one-half times their regular rates of pay for hours worked over 40 in a workweek. Even salaried employees may be entitled to overtime pay and not even know it because their employers have misclassified them as exempt and failed to pay them proper overtime compensation.

When employers fail to pay for these hours at the higher rate, employees may file a wage and hour claim individually or as a collective or class action. The lawyers of Sapir Schragin LLP help those employees who have not been paid their proper wages recover what is rightfully theirs.

Help With Your Wage And Hour Claim

Wage and hour law is not simple and employees are often confused about whether they are being paid properly. Many employees don’t fully understand the scope of their entitlement to overtime pay. They are dedicated to their employers and want to go the extra mile to do a good job. They show up for work early, check their emails, review their work for the coming day, and they stay at work late; they are constantly “on-call” and responding to emails and phone calls even when not at the office; they bring work home; and they work weekends, all the while, without realizing that they are being deprived of lawful wages.

If you believe that you are not being properly compensated, call the attorneys at Sapir Schragin. We can review your situation, determine if you are owed wages, and help you understand your rights.

Examples of Wage And Hour Violations

Wage and hour violations can also include other situations not involving minimum wage and overtime. For example:

  • Are you being forced to work “off the clock” without being paid?
  • Is your employer not providing required meal and rest periods?
  • Are you working more than 10 hours in a given day but not being paid an extra hour of pay?
  • Do your bosses require you to share your tips with them?
  • Are you being paid your proper commissions?
  • Is your employer making unlawful deductions from your paycheck?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, consult with the attorneys at Sapir Schragin. We can help you determine if you are owed wages under applicable law.

Individual And Class Action Wage And Hour Claims

Wage and hour claims generally affect whole groups of employees, not just individuals. For that reason, the lawyers of Sapir Schragin represent individuals as well as classes of workers against large and small businesses and municipalities.

Issues of Misclassification

If you are a non-exempt employee who has not been paid overtime or if you believe you are misclassified as an exempt employee, we invite you to call Sapir Schragin LLP. Our attorneys have the skills and knowledge to sort through your situation and tell you what your chances of recovery are.

Confused about exempt versus non-exempt? Call White Plains wage and hour dispute attorneys at Sapir Schragin at 914-328-0366.

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