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February 2017 Archives

How technology may hurt hourly workers

New York residents may be aware of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. It outlines wage and hour laws that ensure workers get paid a minimum wage and that employers observe overtime regulations. However, timekeeping software may make it easier for employers to change or modify employee timesheets without workers knowing that changes have been made. Regulations related to how employers record a worker's hours have not been updated since 1987.

Court rules subgroup age discrimination claim can proceed

Employers in New York who discriminate against workers because of their age could face legal repercussions. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects workers who are over the age of 40 from disparate treatment in employment decisions. A recent ruling in the Third Circuit court may expand the ADEA's definition of age discrimination to include subgroups.

Women experience sexual harassment in all industries

Workplace sexual harassment occurs in all different types of New York industries in New York. In November, ABC News brought 10 women together who had all experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. While each of the 10 women worked in a different industry, a majority of them had experienced workplace sexual harassment on more than four occasions.