Restrictive Covenants Lawyers In White Plains

Whether restrictive covenants embedded in employment agreements are enforceable raises a major question in a down economy. Restrictive covenants (non-compete clauses) set limits on an employee's ability to compete with a previous employer, to solicit former clients or former co-employees for a competing business. The question is, is it fair to destroy a person's ability to find a job in their own trade when jobs are so hard to find?

The answer is that while it is perfectly legal to protect your business interests, the wording of the restriction may not be so broad that it stifles an employee's ability to find future employment in the same line of work.

Experienced New York Non-Compete Agreement Attorneys

At Sapir Schragin LLP we provide guidance to employers on drafting enforceable covenants that do not hinder an employees' ability to find work. We work to fashion agreements that:

  • Do not unreasonably limit the employees' ability to find work
  • Are specific in terms of location
  • Are reasonable in time limits
  • Define clearly what constitutes a trade secret or critical customer information

Resolving Employer/Employee Disagreements Before They Develop

The point of a restrictive covenant is to provide reasonable protection against former employees causing harm. We achieve this by creating enforceable covenants that protect employers while giving reasonable latitude to employees.

If your business needs help drafting a fair and effective agreement, call Sapir Schragin to schedule an appointment.

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