White Plains-Based Lawyers For Employee Handbook and Policy And Procedure Manuals

For employers, managing their workforce is becoming more difficult with every year and every new employment law enacted. Virtually every aspect of the relationship between employers and employees is governed by some statute, regulation, contract, or principle of law. Many companies, however, publish handbooks and policies and procedure manuals that never get the close legal examination required to ensure compliance with state and federal law. It is always wise to have an experienced employment lawyer review - and when necessary, update - these documents before publishing them. The results are obvious - reduced expense, saved time, and minimized distraction caused by employee litigation and challenges from federal or state agencies.

We provide our clients with efficient, cost effective solutions for their human resources needs. Our services include:

  • Drafting employee handbooks and policies and procedures manuals.
  • Creating personnel policies to address a company's HR needs, including: expectations of employment, vacation and sick time, compensation and overtime pay, leaves of absences, disciplinary practices; confidentiality; complaint procedures; company policy on discrimination and harassment.
  • Assuring compliance with federal, state, and local employment-related laws and regulations, including wage and hour audits and compliance reviews.
  • Conduct training for managers, supervisors and human resources employees on prevention of unlawful harassment and discrimination, investigating employee complaints, responding properly to charges of discrimination, and managing leaves of absence and requests for accommodation
  • Assisting management with employee disciplinary matters and discrimination complaints, investigations, and agency audits.
  • Conduct audits of company human resources department and prepare written reports of audit findings and recommendations as to human resources best practices.
  • Advising employers on appropriate handling of requests for leaves of absence and accommodations.

Human Resources Audits · Heading Off Complaints Before They are Filed

Our firm can bolster your bottom line by auditing the documents and materials you currently use and warning you of legal vulnerabilities. In addition, we provide legal training to your managers and employees on investigating employee complaints and responding properly to charges of discrimination.

Avoid costly employee communication misfires. Bulletproof your company policies and procedures to ensure compliance and minimize the risk of litigation. Call the experienced White Plains policy and procedure manuals attorneys at Sapir Schragin at 914-328-0366, or write us using this online form.