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Great hires begin with great employment contracts - clear, unmistakable employment agreements that spell out pay and benefit offers while explaining rules and regulations, rights and responsibilities for both employer and employee.

The greatest value of an employment agreement is what happens when things don't go well. A solid contract covers every plausible contingency that may arise in the individual's employ and in post-employment. When you sign such a contract, you do so with confidence that you have anticipated and planned through most negative contingencies.

While acknowledging that many provisions are generally applicable to all employment agreements, a well-crafted agreement should be tailored to the specific employee and the position to which he or she is being hired. For example, in some instances, location of the position and anticipated travel may be essential contract requirements, while in others, the ability to work from home is critical.

Maintain Control Of Proprietary Information

A business is only as strong as its mission-critical information is secure. When an employee goes out the door, you do not want client lists, marketing methods, business partnerships, product and personnel information and financial records following along. A good contract specifies what must be protected and establishes penalties for theft of information.

New York Non-Compete Agreement Attorneys

Understandably, employers don't relish the prospect of former employees going to work for a competing company, or starting a company in direct competition against them. Some companies draft draconian non-compete agreements to prevent this from happening - agreements that effectively prohibit former employees from making a living.

At Sapir Schragin, we recommend non-compete agreements that acknowledge and protect the legitimate interests of both sides. A properly drafted non-compete contract protects organizations and sets limits to the ex-employee's exploits. This middle path has proven effective at many companies that need solid assurance that their investment in an employee is not turned against them - while respecting the employee's right to work in the same industry.

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