Greater New York Whistleblower Lawyers

You have probably seen movies about whistleblowers who endured harassment or worse for revealing negative information about the companies for which they work. The companies that are exposed may be committing fraud or endangering the public in some way. The movies all have a happy ending - the whistleblower prevails and the wrongdoers are brought to justice. The problem is that in the real world many whistleblowers do not prevail; they are often retaliated against, fired, demoted or sent to an undesirable post. Telling the truth sometimes has the effect of ruining their careers and their reputations. Companies sometimes resort to suing the individual who told the truth about them.

Whistleblower situations resulting in retaliation occur in almost every industry, including government. These are just a few examples:

  • A scientist reveals that research has been faked.
  • A manager reveals environmental law breaking.
  • A finance officer reveals that numbers have been falsified.
  • A health care worker in New York complains about improper billing or patient care.
  • An employee in New York reports conduct that endangers the public health and safety.

Whistleblower Law Advice

These are not easy cases. The best defense for whistleblowers, therefore, is an employment lawyer who knows these laws, their benefits and their limitations, and is able to step in and protect the individual from retaliation.

At Sapir Schragin LLP we defend whistleblowers that go public with information their companies wanted to keep private. If you fit this description, you should make an appointment to speak with us.

New York Employer Retaliation Attorneys

The anti-discrimination laws make it illegal to retaliate against employees who complain about discrimination or harassment by firing, demoting, harassing, or otherwise subjecting them to conduct which would dissuade an employee from complaining about discrimination. If you feel that you have been the victim of retaliation by your employer for asserting your rights, call the experienced employment law attorneys at Sapir Schragin to discuss your case and learn your options.

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