Severance Agreement Lawyers Serving New York

Whether beginning or ending the employment relationship, employees should negotiate terms with the help of a skilled employment lawyer like those at Sapir Schragin LLP. Although the goal of these agreements is to avoid litigation, disputes do arise. When they do, the attorneys at Sapir Schragin are experienced in contract-related litigation in federal and state courts.

Reviewing and Negotiating Severance and Separation Agreements

Many clients come to our office after their employment has been terminated and they have been presented with a separation or severance agreement. These agreements contain waivers releasing their former employer from liability for any claims the employee may have against the company and contain promises the employee must make in order to obtain severance compensation. Many employees believe that they must sign these agreements, as presented, but that is not the case. No employee is required to sign any separation or severance agreement without first consulting an attorney. If you have been presented with such an agreement, consult with the attorneys at Sapir Schragin LLP to determine your rights and the best possible course of action whether it is signing the agreement, negotiating a better severance package or challenging the underlying decision to terminate the employment relationship.

Drafting Employment Agreements

Employment contracts seek to avoid later disagreements by spelling out in detail provisions relating to compensation, separation, restrictive covenants, confidentiality agreements, indemnification clauses, dispute resolutions and severance clauses. An experienced employment attorney will review the document to protect your rights and interests, making suggestions where appropriate and to your advantage. We review and negotiate your agreements with an eye towards protecting our clients' interests and avoiding litigation.

Negotiating Restrictive Covenants

Employment contracts often include restrictive covenants such as non-compete and non-solicitation clauses. Employees have a right to continue to work and earn a living. Some non-compete clauses are reasonable, but others go too far. An experienced employment attorney can best advise you on the reasonableness of the clauses in your employment contract. If you feel your non-compete agreement is injurious or unfair, call Sapir Schragin to consider your legal options.

Experienced White Plains Termination Benefits Lawyers

Donald Sapir and Howard Schragin have 50-plus years of experience negotiating, drafting and reviewing employment contracts with an eye toward the client's best interests. Items that seem unimportant to you may be very significant to your future. Before signing any contract relating to your employment, call us and ask for our review.

As a rule, never sign a contract without a lawyer's approval. Call the New York severance agreement attorneys at Sapir Schragin LLP to schedule a consultation at 914-328-0366 or write us using this online form.